New Webtoon that allows Viewer Input

2014-04-26 12:21:44 by Doodley



Fathead and Dirk is an audience engaging webtoon where a goofy dolphin named Fathead assists his stinkbug friend Dirk by using whatever comes out of his blowhole. Viewers can leave a comment on Youtube suggesting what will come out of his head, and we will randomly select said suggestion and feature it in the next cartoon!


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2014-04-26 17:43:51

You know that you're just asking for trouble, right? I mean, take a shot for every time you get a suggestion for a dildo.

Doodley responds:

I'm also surprised that hasn't been suggested yet!


2014-04-26 19:04:55

oh what they'll do


2014-04-27 13:21:57

hahaha that's entertaining, man. good deal